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March 3, 2021

Case studies: HMOs up to 75% on five-year fixed deals

See our latest Buy-to-Let product updates, special editions and offers. 

In our February Buy-to-Let product update, we cut rates for our HMOs and MUFBs while expanding our criteria to support more clients to buy larger Buy-to-Let properties.

Take a look at some of the HMOs we’ve been supporting in recent months, and how our new updates can support more landlords to purchase and remortgage these properties with us.


Five-year fixed remortgage of a 7-bed HMO property.

Loan amount: £273,000

LTV: 70%



Purchase of a four-bedroom HMO property on a five-year fixed rate.

Loan amount: £101,250

LTV: 75%


Seven bedroom ex-local authority HMO, purchased by an experienced landlord on a five-year fixed rate.

Loan amount: £206,500

LTV: 70%

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Purchase by an experienced landlord of this 5-bedroom HMO flat.

Loan amount: £210,000

LTV: 75%



Experienced landlord working on their 7th deal with us purchased this 5-bed HMO for a five-year fixed rate.

Loan amount: £210,000

LTV: 70%

Buy-to-Let product changes: HMOs and MUFBs can offer landlords more security in uncertain times

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