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August 26, 2020

Case studies: Buy-to-Let mortgages in Eastern England

This past week we’ve been highlighting the opportunities for property investors in Eastern England. 

One particular area investors should be interested in is in Buy-to-Let, where we have seen a lot of activity in recent months from landlords looking to expand their portfolios in the region as they see the opportunity for good rental yields outside of – but still relatively close to – London.

Here are some examples of the cases like that we have supported: 



Remortgage on an unencumbered property to raise funds for further Buy-to-Let purchases after the property had doubled in value. 

Loan amount: £112,000

LTV: 70% 


East Bergholt

A five-year fixed Buy-to-Let remortgage on an unencumbered property to fund further property acquisitions.

Loan amount: £182,000

LTV: 55% 



A remortgage to exit from a bridging loan with an extra £69,000 remaining to purchase and renovate further Buy-to-Let properties. 

Loan amount: £135,000

LTV: 75%



Five-year fixed terms for non-portfolio landlords refinancing a property to buy a Buy-to-Let. 

Loan amount: £65,000

LTV: 33%

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