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March 25, 2024

Case Studies: Buy-to-Let in the Mortgages Portal

To learn more about Buy-to-Let in the Mortgages Portal, register here. 

What changed for brokers and landlords when we moved Buy-to-Let into our Mortgages Portal? 

In a lot of ways, things have stayed the same: they get the same product range, same expert support, same definitive decision-making, only it is made much faster and simpler. 

Of the deals we delivered in a record-breaking February, many were first-time experiences of our Mortgages Portal, and we could see the benefit it passed on to customers. 

Tom Steer, Underwriting Manager for our Long-term Lending products, explains the difference in experience: 

“For the broker, it is a totally upgraded application and deal management system, which allows them to begin cases quicker, get instant decisions and then follow the progress as it happens. 

“For my team, it is much easier to underwrite as the technology supports us to find and act on the necessary information faster, freeing us up to spend more time working with our brokers on the specifics and make sure the deal is right for their customer.”

Here’s some of the deals the team delivered in February. 

Location: Edinburgh

Loan amount: £193k

LTV: 33.61%

Capital raise remortgage of Holiday Let in Edinburgh for a borrower looking to become a portfolio landlord, growing from their existing two properties. 

Location: Manchester

Loan amount: £122k

LTV: 78.75%

Purchase application for a Limited Company portfolio landlord. 

Location: Rushden

Loan amount: £124k

LTV: 62.13%

Product Transfer for existing portfolio landlord with over 10 properties.


Location: Coventry

Loan amount: £279k

LTV: 76.50%

Product Transfer for an existing borrower to settle accounts and capital raise for further Buy-to-Let investments. 

To learn more about Buy-to-Let in the Mortgages Portal, register here.