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August 20, 2020

Case studies: Bridging loans over £500k

At the start of summer we saw the first relaxation of lockdown restrictions as an opportunity to increase our LTV on our bridging products, giving rates up to 75% up to £500k and then doing bespoke deals for loans over that amount.

In the months since we have seen some of the highest volume of bridging applications we have ever experienced, including for those larger loans as appetite has come flooding back to the market.

Here’s a look at some of those deals over £500k we completed in July. 



A capital raise on an existing unencumbered development project to purchase land with planning permission for further properties.  

Loan amount: £1,970,000

LTV: 66% 



Following the refurbishment of a former commercial property to a luxury detached house, the borrower needed continued finance while they looked to sell it.

Loan amount: £1,235,000

LTV: 65%



Bridge to purchase a large house and associated land with a view to get planning permission to convert the existing house into two new developments and build a further five homes on the land.

Loan amount: £825,000

LTV: 75%



To pay off existing debts on a plot of new-build houses as they looked to sell the remaining 4 plots.

Loan amount: £836,250

LTV: 75% 


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