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July 7, 2020

Case studies: Buy-to-Let applications sped up by using Open Banking 

As the market has reopened and applications have started to come in, we’ve been promoting to our clients the benefits of Open Banking. 

In a post-lockdown world where many are still working remotely and they want to make up for lost time while the market was closed down, digitally submitting essential information to our underwriters is the most efficient way to keep your cases moving quickly.

Recently we highlighted cases that got to an offer in under 10 days as a result of Open Banking. Here are more cases which saw the underwriting process sped up. 



Remortgage to a five-year fixed loan for a purpose built-flat in London. The client consented to Open Banking, which meant they got from application to offer in 14 days.

LTV: 75% 

Loan amount: £345,000



Purchase of a terraced house in Bedford on a five-year fixed rate. Offer made in 10 days through borrower’s use of Open Banking. 

LTV: 75%

Loan amount: £121,125



10 days from application to offer for the purchase of a terraced house on the outskirts of Newcastle. 

LTV: 75%

Loan amount: £67,125



5-year fixed pricing for this remortgage, which we offered on in 13 days.

LTV: 49% 

Loan amount: £110,000


To start your next Buy-to-Let deal, visit our product page or download our rates guide. You can contact our salesdesk on: 020 3846 6886


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