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December 1, 2016

Building a Homes and Communities Agency that delivers the housing Britain needs

Following the publication of the Tailored Review, LendInvest welcomes a renewed focus by government on delivering more housing of every type across the UK. We agree that the Homes and Communities Agency will play a crucial role in unlocking land and encouraging private sector development to put more homes on British streets.

As the Communities and Local Government Secretary Sajid Javid sets out his ambition to see the HCA transform into a more innovative and active player in the housing market, we encourage government to draw on the expertise of industry to ensure the HCA is successful in its objectives, particularly in raising the profile of the agency’s products to SMEs.

As the agency pursues its ambitious agenda, balancing the need to make efficiencies during the course of this parliament, we see an increasing role for industry to inform and advise the HCA and where appropriate, provide support in underwriting and servicing the £3bn in loans they seek to make.