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April 7, 2017

BTL Hotspots: Manchester

Hailed as the spearhead behind the ‘Northern Powerhouse’ cities, Manchester is making strides in its appeal to Buy-to-let investors this year.

The growing industrial hub is enjoying a great amount of investment as it continues to usher in big business headquarters, and with it, new jobs, improved transport links and an influx of students each year.

With over 105,000 students attending the four universities in Manchester, the city is never short of rental tenants. Here lies opportunity for city centre rental to large groups, an enormous incentive for developers to make a higher profit from a single property. 

Ranked no.1 in our latest BTL Index for Rental Yield, it comes as no surprise that Manchester also currently has some of the fastest growing house prices in the UK. But what are the best areas for property investment? The Manchester Evening News identifies these 

  • For long term investment? Wythenshaw
  • Immediate rental yields? Droylsden/Denton
  • Student rental? Fallowfield/Salford
  • Off plan? City Centre/Salford

Are you a developer in the North West? Speak to Damien Druce, our dedicated representative for the area, on 020 7118 1133  or find out more about our Manchester based Property Development Academy here.

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