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June 29, 2016

"Brexit may create opportunities": response to the Nationwide House Price Index

LendInvest Georgian Property London

The latest Nationwide House Price Index has revealed that house prices rose 0.2% in June, with annual house price growth now standing at 5.1%.

In response, Ian Thomas, Co-Founder and Director of LendInvest, made the following comments:

The vote to leave the European Union has come as a shock to many, but in our view, the fundamentals of the UK housing market won’t change abruptly – people still need homes to live in, whether we are in the EU or not, and the fact is that demand for housing massively outstrips supply.

Brexit may create opportunities too. It could result in the housing market cooling and resetting in areas where house price growth has locked out first-time buyers and others that want to purchase property.

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