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September 15, 2016

8 graphics that show there's no denying the housing crisis or our power to change it

The housing deficit is complex, multi-faceted and no easy problem to solve. But when you look at trends over the last decade you begin to see a path to recovery – a way to renew the forces behind past levels of housebuilding.

We’ve strayed a long way from building enough houses to meet UK demand.


Source: Department for Communities & Local Government

So far that homeownership fell over the last decade to its lowest level since Census records began.


Source: Guardian | The Resolution Foundation

At the same time small housebuilders saw their numbers and their fortunes decline.


Source: Federation of Master Builders


But it’s not all bad news.

It’s no coincidence that Britain’s most productive housebuilding period also saw the highest numbers of SME developers in operation. There is a way for small developers to reboot their housebuilding efforts:

1. With access to better finance. . .


This is what the availability of development finance looks like in the UK. The sample comprised 8 UK banks, 10 non-UK banks and 12 debt funds & alternative finance providers. Source: Investment Property Forum, UK Development Finance Review, 2015

2. With finance that reaches all corners of the UK.


This is where lenders have made development loans in the past 12 months. Source: Knight Frank, Residential Development Finance Report, 2015/16

3. With better access to land and skills.


This is how small developers weigh up the challenges they face. Source: National House Building Council Foundation, Improving The Prospects For Small House Builders And Developers, 2014

4. And with access to the right knowledge and contacts.


Only then might we start to see more homes on our streets.




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