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Following the publication of Halifax’s monthly House Price Index today, our CEO Christian Faes made the following comments….

Christian Faes“The last couple of months have been somewhat hectic for the housing market, as landlords and property investors rushed to beat the 31 March deadline for higher Stamp Duty bills. You can see the results of that rush in today’s house price figures.
“The Government has the housing market crisis firmly in its sights, but it’s not yet hit on the right solutions. Making buy-to-let less attractive to the amateur landlord won’t suddenly push house prices towards more affordable levels for aspiring first-time home buyers. And while opening up public sector land to developers is all good news, unless more is done to help them actually finance those new houses, it won’t make much difference either.
“Estate agents have never had so few houses on their books, according to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. So while the Stamp Duty rush is over, house price rises certainly are not.”