Last Monday the first Innovate Finance Global Summit opened its doors to a raft of financial and technology entrepreneurs and financial executives at the Guildhall. With the challenge to showcase the latest innovations and new practices in the FinTech market, the event had over 700 hundred attendees. Talks about how to interact with the customer in a world of new technology and the urge to spread financial education in UK were the main topics during the day.

Christian Faes, LendInvest’s CEO, was one of the speakers during the part of the day for ‘Innovating Pioneers’. Talking about the revolution that LendInvest is bringing to to the mortgage market and how technology in the underwriting process is changing the game, Christian presented the three key points to make the difference: “We can provide a superior consumer experience, speed up the process and get much better results with our platform – for both investors and borrowers.”

One of the good announcements presented in the Global Summit was the increase of women in the UK FinTech market. The Innovate Finance organisation published a special supplement to celebrate this milestone containing a list of over 100 women influencers in the sector. ‘We regularly hear from our members about how we need to do more to encourage diversity, and help to attract suitable talent to grow their businesses’ says Claire Cockerton, founding CEO of Innovate Finance. ‘We must do more to encourage diversity, given the higher returns that diversification it is expected to bring. We hope that our Women in FinTech supplement will raise awareness of how much women have done in this industry and help foster a more diverse workspace.’

Claire presented the event as the start of a Financial Revolution and in her vision the UK will be the hub for the FinTech sector as in the last year this market increased its investments to over $450 million – more than any other country in the world. We’re glad to be part of this moment and looking forward to the next Global Summit! Congrats to all the Innovate Finance team for the amazing atmosphere.

If you couldn’t attend the event, check the video below with some of the highlights:

You can also check the speech of Christian Faes: