These days, finding somewhere to live in London is one of the city’s biggest challenges.

via CNN | 5 February 2015 | By John Defterios

According to an article published by CNN:

“The Greater London Authority estimates that 49,000 new homes are required in the UK capital every year to cope with its burgeoning population. In 2013, just under 20,000 new properties were built.

“With space tight and increasingly expensive, some people are predicting micro-living — compact homes and apartments strategically designed to maximise usable space — could become a common theme in the coming years.”

London micro-home developer Reza Merchant, CEO of The Collective, recognised that owning a home is still out of reach for many Londoners in their first or second jobs. The Collective’s Camden development is an upmarket hostel-style set up, which is aimed at young professionals featuring small bedrooms, and shared communal spaces.

LendInvest have worked with Reza and his team at The Collective for a number of years now; and were the funders for their Camden project. This is a great example of the sorts of quality developers and property entrepreneurs that LendInvest works with on a daily basis.

The Camden Collective

Read the full article on CNN here.

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