We’re delighted to showcase August’s issue of Mortgage Introducer. LendInvest Co-Founders, Christian Faes and Ian Thomas are this month’s ‘cover stars’ of this leading publication for the mortgage industry.

LendInvest recently hosted a round-table which took place last month, and we were joined by a number of influential players from the UK mortgage market. The topic of discussion for the round-table was ‘how technology is disrupting the mortgage industry’. The agenda was set out to address how online mortgage applications can be accepted by the wider mortgage intermediary industry.

The round-table attendees discussed how likely they think brokers and packagers are to adopt online origination, as well as a number of other issues surrounding adoption of new technologies like LendInvest. The attendees were given a ‘sneak peak’ at the LendInvest platform, and introduced to some upcoming additions to the site, which will be released over the coming months. All of the attendees were in agreement that mortgage brokers should embrace the introduction of the technology.

Conversation continued by addressing the different products LendInvest currently offers, with discussion into how these products are likely to evolve and ultimately what the future holds for LendInvest.

One of the long-standing leaders of the industry was flabbergasted when shown the LendInvest platform. Mortgage industry legend Rob Jupp, said: ‘This is one of the most exciting developments in the mortgage industry for many years!’

To access the full roundtable dialogue you can view this month’s edition of Mortgage Introducer for FREE here: https://bit.ly/1pNIM5z