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The UK’s leading online property finance marketplace

Helping investors build more than just income; borrowers more than just homes.

We believe property finance should be better for investors, developers, landlords, homeowners – everyone. It should be fast, online and work for all. We’re bringing technology to the mortgage market to make that happen.

Our platform makes it possible, for the first time, for all types of investors – from individuals to global institutions – to invest in property-backed loans, supporting UK homebuilders while earning attractive returns.

Since 2008, our investors have invested over £1.5bn in loans to borrowers who have bought, built or renovated over 5,000 properties across the UK.

About LendInvest
Making mortgages work for all

From founding a mortgage lending business against the backdrop of the credit crunch, to launching fintech’s first retail bond programme, to raising over £1bn in investment from the likes of Atomico, GP Bullhound, and Tiger Management, our team has come a long way since 2008.

Building income. Building homes.

Specialists in property
We are real estate investment and risk management experts
With a 10-year lending record, we know UK property and the needs of our market inside out. And we have the investment expertise and risk management experience to give our customers confidence that every borrower we back is of the highest quality.
We create opportunities
We create new opportunities to invest in property
We’re building technology to make it easier for property professionals to access finance, and to create smart property-backed investment opportunities, opening up a sound asset class to more investors.
We support and work with property professionals
We are inspiring a new generation of property entrepreneurs
Our investors help fund small and medium-sized UK developers, empowering the small-scale housebuilding sector to get more homes on UK streets. We also train aspiring developers through our non-profit Property Development Academy, giving them the skills and tools to start their own projects.
An ambitious team

We’re a team of more than 150 smart, talented professionals, all working towards our mission to make property lending and investing better.

A transparent approach

We voluntarily publish an annual report with a full set of our financial accounts so everyone can take a look under the bonnet of the well-backed business we’re building.

Backed by the best

Our founders and staff remain the majority owners of the business, but we’re proud to be backed and supported by some of the world’s best investors and entrepreneurs.

From the co-founder of Skype and early investors in fintech businesses like Klarna, Stripe and SoFi, to our institutional partners like Citigroup and Nomura, we’ve got unrivalled backing to reinvent property finance.