Reinventing property finance

We think everyone should have the opportunity to invest in property. LendInvest makes that happen.

LendInvest is the UK’s leading online property lending and investing business. We provide an online investment platform for people and institutions to invest in loans, that are secured against property, to property professionals.

With a deep understanding of risk and an unrelenting focus on building technology that’s relevant for the mortgage market, we are leading the way in property finance innovation.


The UK’s leading online property lending and investing business



Since opening for business in summer 2013, LendInvest investors have invested over £800 million in loans made to hundreds of borrowers to finance over 2,600 new and rebuilt homes worth over £1.2 billion.

Lending money is easy; lending it well is much harder. At LendInvest we focus on lending well, making the right credit decisions based on significant due diligence for each and every loan.

All our loans are secured by a registered first charge against the underlying property.

Diverse capital base

We are building one of the most diversified online lending businesses in the world.

We think having a healthy mix of investors is critical to maintaining a stable funding environment that delivers good returns to investors and ensures certainty of funding to our borrowers.

Our investors come to us from many different places and invest across our platform in different ways. 

Currently our capital is diversified across three main sources: 

  1. Individual investors invest in loans across our online investment platform. Selecting the loans they want to back, these investors build their own portfolios of real estate loans. Find out more here.
  2. LendInvest Capital, the funds management and advisory arm of the LendInvest group, manages two institutional funds that invest in loans we originate on behalf of institutional investors, banks, family offices and private clients.
  3. We manage a number of dedicated funding lines which invest in loans we originate on behalf of UK and international banks.


We are serious

about risk


Find out more about our approach to risk


Our specialist team of 10 underwriters has more than 75 years’ mortgage credit experience between them. They use some of the most sophisticated fraud detection and underwriting processes in the market.


LendInvest is a responsible property finance lender and we never automate the decision whether to lend or not. For us, technology is an enabler, not the end-game. Our technology aims to speed up the administrative processes that underpin (and too often delay) mortgage applications, freeing up our underwriters to focus on due diligence and decision-making.

Sustainable, well-capitalised & transparent




Past performance is not an indicator of future returns, but it is a significant factor for investors to consider. 


We publish our Annual Report & Accounts as part of our commitment to putting transparency back into modern financial services.


Our financial record and prudent growth have attracted considerable equity investments from outstanding international investors:



kunlun logo

£22 million Series A by Beijing Kunlun, the
listed Chinese technology company in June 2015




£17 million Series B by Atomico, the European
venture capital fund founded and led by Niklas Zennström,
the founder of Skype, in March 2016


LendInvest is a great example of what can be achieved through technology, opening up the world of lending and mortgages to a new generation of tech savvy consumers.”

Mattias Ljungman, Partner at Atomico

LendInvest in the press


“China’s Beijing Kunlun backs…LendInvest”



“LendInvest profits double in second year”

June 2015   October 2015
City AM- LendInvest in the press  

“LendInvest on track to back £1 billion of new properties by 2016”



“LendInvest appoints development finance director”

November 2015   December 2015

“Skype co-founder Niklas Zennström buys £17m stake in LendInvest”



“Ripe for disruption: online mortgage platform LendInvest just raised £17 million to get into buy-to-let”

March 2016   March 2016

“Buy-to-let: where best to invest”



“LendInvest secures £40m line of funding”

March 2016   April 2016

 Investments in loans to date:




Our story so far



In late 2008, as global financial markets crashed, our co-founders, Christian Faes and Ian Thomas saw an opportunity. They set up a mortgage lending business called Montello Bridging Finance to fill a critical gap in short-term property finance.


At first business was slow, giving us time to get our underwriting right and build an investor network. Then, as the world began to regain its confidence, Montello emerged as one of the leading short-term mortgage lenders in the UK.

LendInvest spun out of Montello in May 2013 to be the world’s first online lender for property finance. Our mission was simple: to bring the speed and efficiency of online lending to the mortgage market for the first time.


LendInvest has always been a lending business learning the tech, not a tech business learning how to lend. And that’s the way we think it should be.  


Today LendInvest is a well-capitalised and well-backed company, and one of the fastest-growing businesses in UK financial services.


We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and have a top-tier rating from a regulated European credit rating agency.



Our people



Board of Directors

Christian Faes- LendInvest

Christian Faes

Co-Founder & Chief Executive

Property lawyer in Australia, and then securitisation and corporate lawyer in London with Clifford Chance and Deutsche Bank.

Ian Thomas- LendInvest

Ian Thomas

Co-Founder & Chief Investment Officer

Chartered surveyor with property development and management with SEGRO Plc and Ballymore Group.

Mattias Ljungman

Non-Executive Director

Partner at Atomico, the £1 billion investor that’s backed huge European successful stories like Klarna, Supercell, Rovio.

Executive Team

Christian Faes- LendInvest

Christian Faes

Co-Founder & Chief Executive

Property lawyer in Australia, and then securitisation and corporate lawyer in London with Clifford Chance and Deutsche Bank.

Ian Thomas- LendInvest

Ian Thomas

Co-Founder & Chief Investment Officer

Chartered surveyor with property development and management with SEGRO Plc and Ballymore Group.

Roy Armitage- LendInvest

Roy Armitage

Head of Credit

More than 40 years’ experience as a senior mortgage credit executive. Former Head of Risk & Compliance with specialist Buy-to-Let lender, Kensington Mortgages. Previously at JP Morgan and Halifax mortgages.

Rod Lockhart

Managing Director, LendInvest Capital

A chartered surveyor and former senior director of CBRE Capital Advisors, advising UK and global institutional fund managers and pension scheme clients on real estate investments.

Derek Mochan

Chief Financial Officer

A KPMG-trained chartered accountant and member of the Institute of Securities and Investment, with 10 years’ experience at GE (including chief financial officer at GE Commercial Finance).

David Serafini

Chief Operating Officer

Former investment banking executive with multi-disciplinary operational expertise at RBS, Barclays and HSBC.

Anthony Sexton

Head of Product

Previously Head of Online Banking at Macquarie Group in Australia, responsible for product development strategies across multiple financial services offerings.

Matthew Tooth- LendInvest

Matthew Tooth

Chief Commercial Officer

Held various senior management positions (including CFO, Head of Business Development and Managing Director) during 15 years at IG Group, the leading online trading business.

Who borrows from us



We love to lend to property entrepreneurs. They are individuals and small companies that have previous property investment experience and are looking for short-term mortgage finance to buy, build or refurbish homes.

These people are at the beating heart of the best solution to the UK’s housing crisis. But they have been underserved by high street banks who can’t or won’t lend to them.


Watch our borrowers tell their stories for themselves…


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